Monday, August 8, 2011

The NEW Stupeflix Studio

Stupeflix: New features!

If you have ever attended one of my trainings, then you are probably aware of Stupeflix Studio - a terrific movie-making app that is integrated into our SBISD Google Apps accounts. Stupeflix Studio is a super-simple presentation tool. Recently, the creators of Stupeflix Studio have overhauled many of their original themes to include the features of the new video editor such as the music library, maps, text-to-speech and more, so now it is even better if you can believe it!

Choose from four different themes, upload your images or video, add a few title/text slides or add text directly to the images, make a music selection from the library or record your voice/write a narrative and voila! Your movie is created in minutes! No longer are students lost in design decisions, animations, and transitions! Take a minute or two and explore Stupeflix Studio! I think you’ll agree it is a great little tool to use with students in the classroom! Create a classroom Dropbox or share one of your Picasa Web Albums with students! That way, everyone is working collaboratively adding pictures to the same location. 

How do you get there?

Select more from the Google Apps dashboard menu and then select Stupeflix Studio!

It’s THAT easy!
Questions? Feel free to comment, email or call!

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