Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mobile Video - How to move between devices - All ideas welcome!

Recently I visited with a campus librarian who was struggling to move video between iOS devices, and she reached out for help. Of course, I was of little help, but I suggested that we put our heads together and come up with a blog post that could hopefully help others, and us, at the same time. (We know we don't have all the answers!)

Here was the challenge:
Students wanted to create videos using iMovie. The only devices available were iPads. These students had recorded several small videos on their iPhones. They needed to move these videos to one of the library iPads and add them to the iMovie app. Not an easy task, at least for us. We have all been using Dropbox as a way to move content on and off the device. The challenge was how to get the video into the camera roll so that they could be added to the movie in the iMovie app.

I didn't know how to accomplish that either. Then, she came across the iPad Camera Connection Kit. It appears that this little $29 device will do exactly what we needed. After she found this device, we marveled about how easy this solution is! Can't wait to try it! Any other suggestions or ideas will be appreciated as not all of our users will know or be able to purchase the kit!