Thursday, February 6, 2014

Managing your data transition: Google Drive and Chrome Sync

Last night, I was still thinking about how we could help teachers with their data migration from their old teacher laptop to their new one. Thanks, Cathy Roth at Woodview! Here are some tips!

Chrome Sync:
We spent some this after their training setting up Chrome Sync for her. I realized that teachers first thought is to sign in to Chrome on their new laptops which is what Cathy did. However, in order to have anything to "sync" she needed to sign into Chrome on her old laptop first, click Yes, to sync the data, and THEN sign into the new laptop.

Google Drive and MS Office (and more):
While teachers can use the Data Migration Tool to transfer their files and folders from their old laptop, I have heard a few say they wish they hadn't done it because it brings everything over - even some junk they didn't want. Another option for teachers is to create a folder, drag their desired files and folders into that one and then up to their SAN folder and then drag it down to their new computer.

Cathy actually uses her personal folders in Outlook to store emails with important attachments. She was terribly concerned about losing them. We imported her data file (personal folders) while I was there and she was a very happy camper! As I was leaving though, I suggested she consider just transferring those files to her Google Drive. Then, she would have access to them no matter where she was, no worries at VPN or setting up Outlook on another computer. She WOULD have to open all the emails and download the attachments, but if she Installed Drive to her desktop, then she could just drag everything into here Google Drive.

When you do download drive to your desktop, you'll log into your Google Apps account and a Google Drive shortcut will appear on your Desktop as well as in your folder structure in File Explorer.

Every time you connect to a network, your Google Drive will sync and your files will be updated. You aren't limited to only Google files either! You can also save your MS Office files, your pictures, your flipcharts, etc. to Google Drive.

This video from Google Gooru  provides a quick explanation of how to save your MS Office files to Drive.