Monday, July 15, 2013

Confused, and yet, very excited... living in the education world

Last week, I found some time to watch one of Will Richardson's ISTE Conference sessions AND a TEDTalk by a Jinha Lee.

Together, both have left me pondering ever more so how rapidly the world is changing. That's not to say I didn't know it already, but after exposure to both of these presentations in the same week, I feel even more confused. I'm left wondering how on earth are we are going to move this ginormous floundering world of K-12 public education to meet the needs of students - students like Jinha - students who are designing and creating things I can't even wrap my head around.

Will makes the following points:

  • Change always starts with confusion. We are in a very confusing moment in education.
  • Traditional education (delivery/just in case) is no longer relevant today when we carry the "sum of human knowledge" around in our pockets. 
  • We don't need to be "better" educators, we need to be "different" educators.
3 Starting Points to help us be "different"
  1. "Knowmadic" learning/self-organized learning: based on passions and interests at the moment; reference - Knowmad Society
  2. Design Thinking: problem solving model; reference - Design Thinking for Educators
  3. The Maker Movement: we can create products to solve problems; reference - The Maker Education Initiative and the book Invent to Learn

Questions that now come to mind...
  • Are enough educators (I guess I need to include... and policy makers) confused now that we can make change happen? How do we give kids more opportunity to learn? 
  • How do we help them get the skills they will need in a world we can't even imagine (but they can and they do)?
  • How can we get started at the local level?

Did these videos get you thinking too?

PS. Want to learn something today? You might be able to use this resources that Will shared this site in his presentation. The EduPunk's Atlas of lifelong learning