Thursday, May 26, 2011

A beginning: The SBISD Ed Tech Database of Resources

As Oprah moves onto another chapter in her life, so also must I. Oprah’s departure has left an enormous void in everyone’s world, so I’m going for it!

I have struggled for years as to why I should blog. There are already a number of really great blogs that I visit regularly and learn so much from, what else is there to say? However, I am going to attempt to personalize the learning for teachers and students in Spring Branch. Sometimes, these postings will be about district projects and the ramifications for teachers. Sometimes, they will be about district resources and pointing you to them. Sometimes, I hope to share some ideas for integration of some really cool web tools. And, if you have ideas, let me know! I’m open. So, without further ado...

The Ed Tech Database of Tools/Resources for your Classroom

Under construction for the last year, the Ed Tech Database is now operational! Search by grade level groups, content areas and/or types of resources to find a wealth of web tools, iPad/iPod touch apps and Flipcharts! The Flipchart Repository has been re-invented and is even better! Everything is now in one place!

Here’s a link, but just so you know, it is the Settings App on our iPod touch on the Ed Tech homepage! We are constantly adding everyday! And, if you have a flipchart, or know of a web tool or an app, you can also request that the resource be added by submitting the form which is also available on the same webpage! 

Tip: All iPad and iPod touch apps that are installed on your devices in Spring Branch must be approved and in this database! So, check here first! Also, remember that no district funds - general budgets or activity funds - can be used to purchase iTunes gift cards. We are in the process of reviewing the Volume Purchase Program and hope to pilot that soon in the district. Until then, you can only use personal or PTA funds to purchase apps.

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